Welcome to the Marketplace!


We know you might have a few questions about the new and shiny place you’ve discovered here, so we put together this guide to help you make the most of it.



1. What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a central hub for everything you need for your real estate business. It’s chock-full of integrations and apps that work with your transaction management solution to help you improve every stage of a transaction—for you, your clients, and your brokerage.

2. Who can use the Marketplace?

In short, every real estate professional in the US. Marketplace was purposefully designed to help every real estate professional get access to the tools they need to better their business and serve their buyers and sellers.

All you need is an active account with either Transactions (zipForm Edition), the national transaction management member benefit, or Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition), a transaction management member benefit provided in several states across the country.

If you haven’t yet created an account for Transactions (zipForm Edition), click here!

If your association provides Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition) as a member benefit, or you simply aren’t sure, contact us at Partners@lwolf.com and we’ll be happy to help you create an account.

3. How do I use the Marketplace?

Think of the Marketplace as your playground. Just like an app store on your phone, you can search, sort, and sift through all kinds of partner integrations that work with your transaction management solution to make your life easier and add to your client experience.

See an integration you like? Just tap on its image to learn about it, and connect it directly to your transaction management solution from there.

You can also use Marketplace from within your Transactions. Head to the Marketplace tab, where you can find all the same partner integrations and hook them up to your account that way.

4. Will there eventually be more items and options?

You bet. We're always introducing new integrations to help you with every part of a transaction you can think of.

5. How will I know if there’s something new?

We’ll let you know! When we add new integrations, you’ll receive a push notification at the on your homepage. Plus, you can opt in to email notifications here.


Still have questions?

We don’t bite. Send us a message and we’ll be happy to help.



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